Affinity Life HIV+

[g5plus_heading align=”text-center” title=”AFFINITY LIFE HIV+” des_title=”Life Insurance for people living with HIV”]

Cover is extended to clients that would have been previously excluded from cover by providing access to Affinity Life cover for complying with the recommended medical regime required to remain healthy.

For a fixed premium of only

[g5plus_heading align=”text-center” title=”DID YOUR LIFE CHANGE WHEN YOU LEARNED THE UNEXPECTED TRUTH?” des_title=”Minutes reduced themselves to split seconds and what seemed like a lot of memories suddenly became brief encounters along a shortened journey of life. You hold dear the bridges you still have after your change in status – the people who continue to stay the course through every season of love. The real measure of your life”]
[g5plus_heading align=”text-center” title=”WHAT WILL BE LEFT FOR THOSE YOU LEAVE BEHIND?” des_title=”Have you considered insuring your life in the event that you should pass away and no longer be able to care and provide for the ones you love?”]

Affinity Life now offers affordable life insurance for people living with HIV, designed to protect against the financial loss that would result from the life insured’s passing.

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